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💖 The Story of Love

💖 The Story of Love
By Faruk Ateş • Issue #2 • View online
A metafictional account of an anthropomorphized interpretation of universal love.

What if Love itself was the protagonist of a Hero's Journey?
What if Love itself was the protagonist of a Hero's Journey?
I’m doing NaNoWriMo — National November Writing Month — with the goal of writing 50,000 words by the end of the month. My writing project will be The Story of Love, a metafictional account of an anthropomorphized interpretation of Universal Love.
Imagine what it might be like if Love itself became sentient, and decided to gift its powers to humanity. Blending the boundaries between fiction and reality, this story journeys along as Love observes our past and present, and offers real ideas and visions for a brighter future.
Rather than a serialized story, however, this will take the form of a series of essays loosely interconnected by Love’s ‘personal’ hero’s journey. These essays will explore how the fundamentals of Love can be understood, practiced, and recognized in our society. They will also offer exercises and activities for the reader to engage with and become a co-creator of the larger, wider story of Love across our world — a story which has long begun and is being told every day by billions of people.
Besides in this newsletter, I’ll also publish it on Medium in the Love First publication as paid content, so that this newsletter can remain free.
🙋🏼‍♀️ What is Universal Love?
Universal Love is love emitted in every direction, cultivated for everyone and everything in our personal universes. It is love for others without sacrificing love for the self. It is caring unconditionally but maintaining healthy boundaries. It is the optimistic vision of a bright future for humanity, without turning blind eyes to the present, or denying our troubled past. It is being truthful and authentic, even and especially when it feels vulnerable to do so. It is valuing our connection to each other and this world, and understanding that we are all in this storm together. It is the bridge between each of us, just waiting to be built.
(Keen observers will notice this is an updated version of the definition I shared in my previous newsletter issue.)
I’m excited to do NaNoWriMo again—my previous attempt was with a sci-fi novel that is a wedding gift to two friends of mine, back in 2017, which did not make it across the 50,000 words finish line.
This time it’s going to be different. 💖
See you soon with the first installment! Until then, Be with Love.
— Faruk
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Faruk Ateş

Exploring the fabric of love and how we can cultivate it across human society: from work to personal lives, for deep inner healing and culture change.

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