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💖 A Conversation With Love About: The North Star

💖 A Conversation With Love About: The North Star
By Faruk Ateş • Issue #6 • View online
How To Capture A Star

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Photo by Patrick McManaman
Photo by Patrick McManaman
I observe that in our conversation so far, Love has guided me to my own answers without giving me any direction of their own. But I’m still looking for something more concrete, something more tangible. A guiding star.
“A North Star,” Love weighs in.
“Yes,” it resonates with me. “What’s so valuable about having a North Star?”
“We all need a guiding light to help us find our way through the dark, from time to time. That light can be a partner or friend who supports us with their love, a mentor or role model we admire, a leader in our community, or, sometimes, a literal light. For hundreds upon hundreds of years, the North Star was the guiding light bringing many a voyager safely home. People throughout history have enjoyed their life longer thanks to the calm, unmoving persistence of this particular star. This made it more than a widely understood concept; it loaded up this star with Love.”
“The North Star is loaded up with…you?”
“Yes,” Love responds firmly. “When we turn our awareness to the connection we represent between all living things, across time and space, we ‘feel’—using your terminology here for convenience—the strength of that bond everywhere it exists. We feel when two people love each other deeply, and we feel when that love between them is shallow, hollow, or feigned. Similarly, we feel when people develop love for animals, things, even ideas. As such, we feel the love that people have sent to the North Star in the form of prayers, gratitude, admiration, awe, wonder, and more. The North Star, in turn, will simply receive that love and continue to shine its light upon us. It does not die or fade away from anyone’s lives—well, not anytime soon, anyway. What that means is that the love people have sent its way persists as something measurable for us, something that doesn’t disappear when that person dies. When two people who love each other both pass, the love that existed between them fades, until no longer remembered by anyone living. When that love is given to a star… it lingers.”
“So there is a history of love that has accumulated to the North Star?”
“Yes, and it does not reside in the star itself, the hydrogen and plasma lightyears away from you. That love resides here, on your world, gravitating to every use of it.”
“Yes. In metaphysical reality, that love simply lingers as a form of energy, held loosely by the gravity on this world. When you focus your attention on the North Star, either directly at the star or at its concept and historical meaning, your attention works as a gravitational force, pulling that love, that energy, towards you. Since this energy does not have mass affected by the planet’s gravitational pull, it can go to you with ease.”
“Wait, if it’s not affected by the planet’s gravity, why does it stay with the world as you said?”
“The gravity that holds it here is the gravity of people, and of the works that have captured the star—words, books, photographs, videos, any form of media that captures and talks about the North Star for what it is, loosely holds that energy in place. Think of it as a persistent observer effect: if all of humanity were to erase all mention and knowledge of the North Star, that love energy will dissipate and start drifting apart into space, behind the planet’s orbital path. But while it remains remembered and captured in physical reference, there is a metaphysical gravity that keeps it here.”
I sit with this for a moment, pondering the possible implications of this.
“Does all love persist this way?”
“Yes, and it is not limited to love. All emotional energy is energy that is brought into this world and held by the gravity of whoever called it in with their attention. It can be captured and persisted in similar ways, but there is a lot of nuance and variability in that process between doing so with a largely inanimate consciousness, like a star, versus with a sentient person who has their own capacity for emotional creation.”
“Is this what letting go of things like anger and hate is about?”
“Yes. What you let go of is the tension of your metaphysical reigns that are holding on to energy that wants to disappear. Ours is not an angry universe, and while that emotional energy is easy to produce, it requires a constant effort to maintain it. Letting go of such energy is done by letting go of the attention and the awareness that you place on it.”
“What do you mean, ‘ours is not an angry universe’? The universe has emotions?”
“To a point. It’s probably overstating it to say it has emotions since that is a human term for biological processes and psychological ideas, which are all far more refined and specific than this universe as a whole could be. What is perhaps the closest approximate is to say that ours is a ‘grateful’ universe, and mostly that is because gratitude is not peddling into opposite directions, or swimming against the stream. Gratitude Is Riding The Wave Of Physical Reality In The Direction Time Takes You. It’s being in flow with living, and the universe flows only one way. In that sense, the universe has the baseline ‘emotion’ of gratitude. Not anger—or any other emotional state humans have invented, for that matter.”
That one left me thinking for the night.
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Faruk Ateş

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